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Research Methods and Data Analysis Using SPSS & EVIEWS

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QTanalyticsTM India is a statistical consulting, research and education provider firm with a bright and experienced team of professionals, who consistently strive to achieve a common goal of service excellence. We have helped hundreds of individual and corporate clients find solutions to complex problems through the use of advanced statistical modeling techniques. What sets us apart is a core competency in the primary survey, data arrangements, data mining and conducting an appropriate statistical analysis. Our team have been helping the clients (India & Overseas) in finding statistical data solutions, both general as well as specialist research services for data processing, reporting & advance analytics with the application of suitable econometric models and appropriate procedure on Excel, SPSS, STATA, EVIEWS and SAS software. We are inviting proposals for joint Colaboration for conducting two/three/five days training programs on:

  • Data Analytics Using R Environment
  • Financial Analytics Using R
  • Data Analytics Using SPSS
  • Survey Analysis Using SPSS
  • Data Analytics Using EViews
  • Time Series Analysis Using EViews
  • Data Analytics Using SAS
  • Using SAS to Clean Big Data
  • Data Analytics Using EXCEL-VBA
  • Financial Analytics Using EXCEL-VBA